Share files and links with clients

You can share files (and links) with clients such as schedules, documents and (progress) photos. Here you have the option to share files from your own library with multiple customers or, on the other hand, share personal files with an individual customer. Below you can read the different options:

Share files and links with multiple clients

Via My company  > Files > + New file there is the possibility to add a new file, which you can then share with one or more customers. When adding you can choose a File or a Link, where you can provide your description.

Then, by clicking on the line, you can assign the file to customers via + Assign customer (or deny access by clicking the trash can icon).

Share files and links with individual customers

Via Clients > Client (name) > Files there is the possibility to assign a File that you have already uploaded via Customers > More > Files. Another possibility is to share a personal file (or link) with the customer via New file.

Here you can indicate whether the customer can view the file or not. Think of a signed contract for the file that does not necessarily have to be visible to a customer or, on the contrary, a training schedule or instructions that you do want to share with the customer.