Forms: intake and track progress

You can create Intake forms and progress schedules yourself and share them with the customer. The customer (or you) can then periodically fill in and update these schedules.

Creating a form (such as Intake and Progress)

You can create a new form via My Company  > Forms. When creating a form, you can immediately choose whether the customer can view the form (such as an intake or progress registration) and if so, can also complete it themselves.

When compiling a form, you can choose different types of fields:

  • Header: you can distinguish different parts (type of title)
  • Text: a short answer can be given here
  • Text field: a more detailed answer can be given here
  • Yes/No field: here you can answer yes or no to the question
  • Checkbox: here you can indicate whether something is applicable or not
  • Selection list: different answers/options can be given here, whereby the customer can only choose 1 option from a list
  • Radio buttons: here the customer can choose 1 of the different options

After creating a form, you can possibly duplicate the form if you want to create several similar forms.

Sharing a form with a client

Via Client > Client (name) > Forms you can assign a form to a customer, whereby the settings are adopted (whether a customer gets to see the form in the customer app and/or the customer can fill in the form themselves.

In the event that you as a company/coach fill in the template, you can simply do so via Clients > Client (name) > Forms and then click on the form, after which you can fill it in.

If you want the customer to fill it in, the customer can click on the form via the customer app via Coaching > Forms