Setting up family accounts

You must activate family accounts first before you or a client can create one. Family accounts can only be activated if you have a Pro account and you can do activate them via the following steps: 

  1. Click on your Name in the top right 
  2. Click the Settings tab 
  3. Scroll to Clients 
  4. Select "Optional" or "Required” at “Enable family accounts?” 

If this last setting is set to Required, a client will always have to specify a family member. This is ideal, for example, for youth clubs or companies that only organise activities for children.  


What can a family account do? 

In addition to adding a family member to his or her account, a client or member can buy a product for a family member, for example a son or daughter. In this case they can easily book sessions and buy products for the family member. A client or member can add multiple family members and therefore optimally manage all bookings and products. 

In addition, you can add family members to sessions or series and you can manage family members through the client's profile.