Pausing membership

You can pause both ongoing and ending memberships. When a client or member’s membership is paused, they cannot make any bookings during this period. 

To pause a membership, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the  Client’s profile 
  2. Click the  Products tab 
  3. Click on the options button (3 dots) next to the product 
  4. Click  Pause  

Then you have 2 options, you can simply pause a membership based on a payment period or manually pause the membership. 

1. Payment period 

Choose the Payment period option if you want to pause a membership for one or more payment periods. You will see the following fields: 

  • Start date: Specify the date from which the membership will be paused. 
  • Payment periods: Specify for how many pay periods the membership will be paused. 

When the membership is paused for a payment period then the next payment date will be moved and, if applicable, the end date of the contract will also be moved. 

2. Custom (Advanced) 

Choose the  Custom  option if you want to manually pause the membership. This is useful, for example, if you want to pause the membership for a specific period that is different from the payment period. You will see the following fields: 

  • Start date: Specify the date from which the membership will be paused. 
  • End date (up to and including): Specify the date after which the membership pause period will end. 
  • Contract end date (optional): you can move the contract’s end date if applicable. 

NOTE (!) : if you want the client to pay less during the pause period because the client is inactive, you can change payments or schedule new payments. You can do this by clicking on the product’s payment button, you will then see the payments.