Return credits to membership

How can I refund credits to an ongoing membership? 

It sometimes happens that you want to return credits to a client. Below you have 2 options to return credits. 


1. Returning credits to membership 

For a membership you can change the number of credits remaining in the current period. To return credits for a current membership, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the  Client’s profile 
  2. Click the Products tab 
  3. Click on the membership’s options button (3 dots) 
  4. Click  Edit credits left 

Please note: if the membership is set to allow unused credits to be carried over, the remaining credits can also be adjusted in previous periods (from which credits can still be used in the current period). 

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2. Returning single sessions (product) 

It is possible that you want to return single sessions or credits, for example because credits have already been deducted from a membership or the membership has already ended but there were still credits left from it. In this case, you can simply give a single session (which is a type of product), such as a Single lesson or 1x Personal Training, to a client for free. If you don’t have this product yet, you can create it. You can then do the following steps: 

  1. Go to  Client’s profile 
  2. Click on the  options button (3 dots) next to the client’s name 
  3. Click  Assign product 
  4. Select a single session as a product 
  5. Indicate that no payment is required 
  6. Optional: Specify number of products 
  7. Click Submit at the bottom 

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