Creating an overview of all paid bookings

It is possible to gain insight into how many credits were paid and booked per period per person. This can be done with the help of a pivot table in Excel. For reference on how to create a pivot table, visit


Below you can read step-by-step how to do this: 

  • Go to  Reports  and scroll to the BOOKINGS section, open  Paid bookings 
  • Determine which period and further filters you want to use for the export 

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  • Then click  Export > Excel File > Start Export > Download 
  • Open  the Excel file. We now have an overview in Excel, from which we will make a 'summary'/overview (pivot table) 

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  • Select all data  (Ctrl + A) 
  • Click  Insert > PivotTable > OK 

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  • You can then indicate which values should go in the rows/columns. 
  • This results in an overview of how many credits a person has paid per period.