Creating discount codes

Via Trainin it is easy to start fun promotions. For instance, it is possible to create discount codes that allow you to give discounts on certain products or new memberships.  

To create a discount code, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Products 
  2. Click More 
  3. Click Promo Codes 
  4. Click + New promo code 

You can then create a discount code and you have the following options: 

  • Code: Enter the unique discount code here which clients can enter when purchasing a product. Note: the code is not case sensitive. 
  • Discount percentage: Specify the discount percentage that will be applied when using discount code 
  • Discount amount: Specify the discount amount that will be applied when using discount code. 
  • Valid until (optional): Specify until when the discount code is valid 
  • Applicable to this product (optional): specify to which product the discount code applies, by default the code is valid on all products. 
  • Unique? (optional): check this if the code can only be used once. This is not per client, so if the code has been used once, it cannot be used again. 

After you have filled in everything, click on "Save" and the discount code is ready to use!  

The discount code can now be used by entering it during checkout (checkout page).  


  • The code is applicable to all types of products. In the case of memberships, it is only applied to the first payment period. 
  • You can specify a discount percentage and/or amount. If both are specified, the percentage will be applied first, after which the amount will be deducted.