Difference news message and dashboard message

If you have a Pro account, you can easily create and send news items and dashboard messages. The difference is explained below: 

News item 

A news item is a message intended for informative purposes so that your clients or members can always stay up to date on all developments. 

If you create a news message, this message will always be visible under Messages in the client environment (app and portal). You also have the option to send the news item via email. 

Only clients or members who have ticked the newsletter setting or have indicated that they want to receive group messages (depending on whether you send it to everyone or to a group) will in this case receive the message via email. 

Note: If you want to send marketing emails with pictures/videos or special styling, we recommend using another program, such as MailChimp . You have the option to link external software to Trainin and to develop your own automations using webhooks. 


Dashboard message 

A dashboard message is a short and concise message of up to 200 characters that you can display on the Home-page (Dashboard) of your clients or members. When they use the app or are logged in to the computer, they immediately see the message. Clients can then close the message and continue using the app. A dashboard message can be interesting for small important announcements.