Creating membership

How do I create a membership? 

To create a membership, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to  Products 
  2. Click on + New product 
  3. Select  Membership  under product type 

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You then have the following basic settings: 

  • Name: Give a name to the membership, for example 'Membership - 1x per week' or 'Membership - unlimited'. This way you can easily indicate how many sessions a client can schedule or how many credits per period a client has when purchasing the membership. 
  • Credits per period: indicate how many credits can be used per week, month or 4 weeks. Do you want the membership to provide unlimited credits? Then leave the field empty. 
  • Contract period: indicate how long the contract is entered into upon purchase, this can be in weeks or months. 
  • Description: You can add a brief description to indicate, for example, what the membership entails. This description is visible in the Shop. 
  • Payment period: There are several options depending on the contract period to collect the membership fees. For example, there is the option to set up One-off Payment, Payment per month / 2 months / 3 months / 6 months or Payment per week / 2 weeks / 3 weeks / 4 weeks. 
  • Price: set the price (incl. VAT) of the membership. 
  • VAT: optionally set the VAT percentage, for example 9% or 21%. 
  • Ongoing?: Here it is possible to indicate whether the contract is automatically renewed after the end of the contract period or whether it will be terminated. 
  • Notice period of cancellation: Indicate the notice period, with a maximum of 1 month or 4 weeks. 

Furthermore, you have the following additional settings: 

  • Validity of unused credits: you can set whether unused credits can be carried over to the next period. This is ideal when a client has not been able to use credits because the client has been ill, for example. 
  • Hide product in shop: you can hide the membership in the shop, so that you can only provide it to clients yourself via, for example, a payment request. 
  • Info in e-mail: there is the possibility to give clients extra information or instructions in the e-mail that is sent after purchasing this specific product. 
  • Starts on: you can indicate when the membership should start for each product sold. If a date is specified here, this date is fixed as the start date. 
  • Ends on: You can add a specific end date to the product. Please note: if this date is specified, it overrides the validity period that is normally valid for the product. 
  • Only for client group (PRO): you can set whether the membership can only be purchased by a client who belongs to a specific group, for example you can offer a unique or cheaper product.