Setting registration fees

If you have a Pro account, you can easily add a registration fee to memberships or credit packs. Registration fees are extra one-off costs that you can add to a season ticket or ride card. When a new client or member buys a new product with a registration fee activated, they will have to pay a one-off registration fee during checkout in addition to the product’s costs. 

Create registration fee as a product 

 Registration fee is a separate product, which can be created via Products: 

  1. Go to  Products 
  2. Click More 
  3. Click  Registration fee 
  4. You can then provide the following information: 
    • Name 
    • Description (visible during checkout) 
    • Price (including VAT) 
    • VAT (percentage) 

Activate registration fee with products 

As soon as you have added (created) registration fees, each new membership or credit pack you create will automatically be subject to registration fees. 

If you have already created products where a registration fee applies, you can indicate that registration costs apply to existing products: 

  1. Go to  Products 
  2. Go to the product to which the registration fee applies 
  3. Click  Edit 
  4. Go to > Payment settings 
  5. Tick Registration fee? 
  6. From now on, every new client will have to pay a registration fee when purchasing the product 

Set registration fee per client  

When you have a new client and this client does not have to pay a registration fee, you can first create the client. When creating the client, you can indicate at " More details (optional)" that the client does not have to pay registration fees. 

In addition, you can also indicate per client that registration fees are not mandatory. This can be done via the client's profile under the  Info tab.