Selling ​​retail/bar/digital product

If you want to sell products such as a shirt, coffee or even training schedules, you can use the Point of sale

There are two ways to access the Point of sale:  

  1. Via ‘+’ in the top right, click Point of sale 
  2. Via Clients > Client > Retail / bar sale

As soon as you are in the Checkout module, there is the option of clicking on the various products (possibly in combination with Credit products) and then look up the client via Client data. If you purely want to create an order line for the administration, you can select Walk-in. 

Once you have selected all products, you have the option to adjust the price if necessary. 

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You can then select whether the payment has already been made at the checkout (via PIN / card or Cash) or whether a payment link should be sent to the client, after which the client can pay.