Edit series

To change a series or recurring schedule, follow these steps: 

  • Go to Calendar 
  • Click on a Session belonging to the series you want to change 
  • Click Change 

If you want to change a series it is important to select  Edit series so that you change the series of the session and not just the single session. 

Then you can change the following settings of the series:

  • Activity 
  • Date & Time  
  • Duration 
  • Location 
  • Trainer(s) 
  • Session name (if different from name of activity) 
  • Group size 
  • Spots available (if different from setting at activity) 
  • End of the series (shorten or lengthen, also read here

Furthermore, at the Apply for field you can indicate from which moment you want to adjust the series. The following options are possible: 

  • Apply to all sessions from the date of the session you clicked (default) 
  • Apply to all sessions from today onwards 
  • Apply to all sessions in both the past and the future 

NOTE: By default all sessions in the series are changed if the settings/details are equal to the series, previously adjusted settings on a single session will not be changed. 

Example: If you previously changed a setting – for example, location – of a single session which makes it different from the sequence, this setting will not be changed. 

If case you do want this setting to change, you can indicate it in the ''Overwrite previous changes?'' field. 

After you have changed the series, you will see the changes in the calendar immediately.