Sync client calendar

When a client is logged in to the app or portal, the client can go to the  Sync calendar page via  Profile. In the app (phone/tablet) you can go to Profile by clicking on the user icon via Home in the top right corner, and via desktop you can click on Profile in the navigation bar. 

The client can then synchronise bookings or registrations with their own calendar, such as Apple Calendar, Outlook or Google Calendar, via a webcal link. 

Add .ics file to calendar 

Furthermore, an .ics file is added by default to the e-mail a client receives (if the client has not turned it off) when you schedule a client for a session or when the client has made a booking. They can click on this to immediately add the session to their calendar. 

Google Calendar not syncing properly 

Sometimes we get reports from users experiencing problems syncing their bookings with Google Calendar. The way an iCal feed works is that the private calendar (in this case Google Calendar) periodically requests data from Trainin. So, Trainin does not push the data to Google Calendar, but Google Calendar requests the data. Although Google Calendar automatically requests and updates the data, the update times are somewhat unclear and there is no convenient way to force an update.  Google states that  it can take up to 12 hours to update the calendar, but in practice it is sometimes experienced longer.