Change location of scheduled session(s)

You can easily change the location of a session or series to another location. 

New location 

When you have created a new location and have also set this location as a possible location for the activity (which can be done via Change activity under Locations), you can easily change the location of a session or series. 

To change a series or recurring schedule, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to  Calendar 
  2. Click on a  Session that belongs to the series you want to change 
  3. Click  Edit 
  4. Select if you want to Edit  session or  Edit series 
  5. Select the new location at  Location 

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Note: If the series is changed, we recommend indicating that you want to overwrite all (future) sessions with the new changes, so that all sessions get the new location. This is the default setting. If you don't do this, some sessions may still have the old location. 


Existing location 

You can easily change an existing location. In this case, the change is immediately applied to the future scheduled sessions and series in the Calendar. To change an existing location, do the following: 

  1. Go to  Activities 
  2. Click  Locations 
  3. Click on the location you want to change 
  4. Change the name or address