Link to general product checkout page

To view a product's general checkout page link, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to  Products 
  2. Scroll to product and click on the options button (3 dots) 
  3. Click Checkout link 

Every product that you create and which is visible in the Shop or for sale via a link gets a general checkout page, so that you can easily use the link to sell products via your website. You can also share the link via your newsletter or social media campaign. On clicking the link, clients can immediately purchase the product. 

List of all checkout links 

You can also view all products that have a general checkout page via  Integrations > Shop . You then have the option to copy and use the link directly. 

Include membership start date in link or URL 

You can also specify the start date of the membership. This can be useful, for example, if the membership can only be used to book lessons or training sessions from the specified moment onwards. 

Suppose the membership does not start until 01-09-2022, then you can enter this date behind the url, for example: