Synchronise Trainin with your own calendar

You can easily synchronise the Trainin calendar with your own calendar, e.g. Apple Calendar, Google Calendar or Outlook. 

To synchronize your sessions or the company's sessions with your own calendar, follow these steps: 

  1. Click on your  Name at the top right and then on User profile 
  2. Then click on  Synchronise calendar 

Then, in the Starter package, you can click on "Sync all sessions"

In the Pro package you have the choice to synchronize all sessions or just your own sessions. 

Clicking the sync button automatically open a link in the default configured calendar (on your phone or desktop) after which you can add the link to your own calendar. On an Android phone, the link cannot be opened and you can copy it and add it yourself. 

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How frequently is the calendar updated? 

When a new session is created or a session is cancelled, it may take some time before it appears because the private calendar (e.g. Google calendar or Apple Calendar) does not receive the scheduled updates immediately. The way an iCal feed works is that the private calendar periodically requests data from Trainin. Trainin does not push the data to the calendar, but the calendar requests the data. We therefore always recommend the Trainin calendar for the most up-to-date information on sessions and bookings. 

TIP: In some cases, such as with Apple Calendar, you can set how often the calendar is refreshed. Make sure this is done as often as possible, e.g. every 5 minutes, so that your calendar is updated faster. 

MacOS vs iOS: If you use your Apple Calendar a lot on iOS (iPhone), we recommend synchronising the Trainin calendar by performing the above steps on your iPhone and not on your MacBook. 


Google Calendar not syncing properly 

Sometimes we get reports from users experiencing problems syncing their Trainin calendar with Google Calendar. As stated above, an iCal feed works by having the private calendar (in this case Google Calendar) periodically request data from Trainin. Thus, Trainin does not push the data to Google Calendar, but Google Calendar requests the data. Although Google Calendar requests and updates the data automatically, the update times are somewhat unclear and there is no convenient way to force an update.  Google itself states that it can take up to 12 hours to update the calendar, but sometimes in practice it may be longer. In this case we have to wait until Google makes an improved setting for this. 


Link does not work on my mobile (Android), what can I do? 

A workaround for this problem is to copy the link on your mobile: press and hold the link, you will then see the following screen where you can copy the link and load it into Google Calendar.