Create activity

How do I create an activity?

To create an activity, follow these steps:

  1. Go to  My Company > Activities
  2. Click + New Activity
  3. You choose whether you want to create a group activity or a private activity
    1. Group activity: In a group activity, several people can sign up for a session. This type of activity is ideal for group lessons and training, courses or events.
    2. Private activity: With a private activity you can ONE PERSON (alone or on behalf of a group) make a booking. This type of activity is ideal for personal training or private lessons.
  4. Enter all information about the activity, including name, duration, and group size.
  5. Under More options you can specify the following options:
    1. Extra information in the mail (PRO) - This info is visible in the booking confirmation and session reminder
    2. Online Options
    3. Level, Facilities and Environment
  6. Indicate which trainers provide the activity (PRO)
  7. Indicate at which locations the activity will be given, including the default location
  8. Specify the activity's booking settings:
    1. Credits per booking: normally this is 1 credit per booking. Only applicable to ride cards and subscriptions
    2. Booking options:
      1. Directly bookable
      2. Request required
      3. Customers cannot book themselves
    3. Cancellation conditions, which also have the possibility to be adjusted (to determine X number of hours/day/weeks yourself)
    4. Waiting list
  9. Finally, add photos of the activity.

You can then create the schedule (in case of group activity) or specify the availability (in case of private activity)