Create a single lesson or session

How do I create a single session? 

To create a single session follow these steps: 

  1. Go to  Products 
  2. Click + New product 
  3. Select  Single session  under product type 

You then have the following basic settings: 

  • Name: give the product a name, e.g. Individual lesson or 1x Personal Training. This way, you can simply indicate what the single session entails. 
  • Validity period: indicate how many days, weeks or months the single session is valid upon purchase. 
  • Description: you can add a short description to indicate, for example, which lessons or training courses can be booked with the single session. 
  • Price: set the price (incl. VAT) of the single session yourself.  
  • VAT: set the VAT percentage (9% or 21%). 

You have the following additional settings: 

  • Set as trial?: you can easily create a (free) Trial lesson by selecting "Yes" under Set as trial?. The product can then only be purchased once per client. This is ideal if, for example, you want to offer a free trial lesson.  
  • Hide product in shop: you can hide the product in the shop, so that you can only provide it to clients yourself via, for example, a payment request. 
  • Info in e-mail: you can give clients extra information or instructions in the e-mail that is sent after purchasing this specific product. 
  • Valid until: you can add a specific expiry date to the product. Please note: if this date is specified, it overrides the validity period that is normally valid for the product. 
  • Only for client group ( PRO ): you can set whether the product can only be purchased by a client belonging to a specific group, e.g. to offer a unique or cheaper product.